A Letter from the Founders

Dear sisters,

After following each other's work on social media for months one long phone call confirmed that we were destined to be friends and that we were going to create some big magic together.

With an extensive background in the fitness industry we know first hand that it prescribes a very specialized approach towards movement which doesn't really optimize our true potential as women. We are ready to move outside of that prescribed box that poorly defines what being “fit” or what being “in shape” is for women and into the endless world of possibilities of movement with no boundaries. 

Women are more than their bodies (a heck of a lot more!) but our bodies are these super powerful, capable, and strong vessels that house our divine feminine souls and carry us through life. We want to optimize your life and how you move in it because we believe that  being fit isn’t just about looking good or hitting a PR, it’s about being the best version of yourself and unlocking your potential so you can go out into the world and create your magic. 

How could we empower women to reclaim their own feminine powers? 

That is when the Women's Movement Collaborative was born. 

We knew we couldn't do this alone.  We reached out to a few other women who are also going against the grain in the fitness world to see if they'd want to work with us and they immediately said, “YES!”  Clearly this is something women are craving.  

With a shared vision of connecting women from all over the world who want to think and move outside of box we are exictedly announcing the launch of our very first WMC project in Portland, OR in the fall of 2017 and we want you to join us.  If you are ready to tap into your full potential, optimize your movement abilities, connect with other out of the box thinking women, and challenge yourself mentally and physically…this is for you.


Let’s MOVE! Let’s celebrate our feminine bodies that are both fierce and graceful.



Abby and Dani

Founders of Women’s Movement Collaborative