Meet the Women Behind the WMC

The very first Women's Movement Collaborative event is kicking off Sept 2017 with a handful of women taking the fitness industry by storm with different movement practices that get you moving outside of the “box.”  These women are the leading voices in their respectful movement practices and we are honored to have them present at the WMC and teach you how to reconnect to your feminine bodies that are strong, graceful, capable, and beautiful.

These women are some of the best women in the movement world who each have a unique message to share but collectively they have one thing in common… to help women embody self-confidence through movements that will forge a strong mental fortitude, create a capable body that can adapt to different complex environments, and expands the boundaries of movement through creativity and exploration.

We are proud to offer the following movement practices and inspirational presenters at the inaugural WMC project this fall in Portland, OR.




Dani Almeyda – I am a co-owner of Original Strength and OS Institute, which gives me a unique perspective and lens on all things movement.  I am always looking to simplify and stick to as natural movements as possible  At Original Strength we teach people that they were created to be strong and resilient, and to not feel broken.  We teach people that anyone can regain their 'original strength' by pressing reset.   We press reset with movements based off of the developmental patterns we learned as babies.  

My mission is to help introduce women to embracing simplicity, going back to the basics, and to regaining their original strength, through pressing reset.

Read more about Dani here.



Julie Angel- I create work I like, for, or about, people and companies that I like. I spend a lot of time documenting the current ‘age of athletisiscm ‘ – Parkour, MovNat, buildering and much more. Films, photography, action promos, research, writing and presentations. Anything but drama. Filming and understanding what people do so I can share their vision and stories to inspire others. I’m an anthropologist at heart and my current projects are See&Do and the release of my first published book Breaking the Jump, the secret story of Parkour’s high-flying rebellion. Click HERE to view some previous screenings, presentations and events I have attended.


Read more about Julie here.


Abby Clark- I am currently the only female Team Instructor for MovNat, the world's leading natural movement fitness system teaching people and fitness/health professionals how to relearn movements that they were born to do efficiently and effectively. Natural Movement consists of ground movements (rocking, rolling, crawling, kneeling, seating, squatting, get ups), walking, running, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing, swimming, jumping, vaulting, self-defense and more.  We are unspecialized creatures and that is a powerful quality to have as a species.

My mission is to reconnect women to their true nature through natural movement and to transcend the current fitness norms, especially for women.


Read more about Abby here.  


Kirsty Groart- I am the only female lead trainer at GMB Fitness. At first glance, what I teach is handstands and gymnastics inspired movements. At a deeper level, its not simply about learning new tricks or getting stronger; its about increasing your awareness of yourself and to learning to control your own body. And through this process gaining confidence and freedom in the wa you move. 


Read more about Kirsty here