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Meet the amazing and courageous, Luciana Naldi.  Luciana is an incredible self-care coach and speaker as well as a self-proclaimed ninja, Alopecia warrior, and twin herder living in Central California. Luciana has a beautiful family which includes TWO sets of twins. Read what she has to say and you'll be totally crushin' on her too!

Oh, and we also featured her sister, Analisa earlier this year as a #wcw too and just LOVE this family of loving, high energy, positive vibe giving, strong women. 

Get to know Luciana!

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What do you do?

I am a Self-Care Coach ( which means I help people identify and implement their non-negotiables for being healthy, happy humans), an Inspirational Speaker, teacher, people encourager, perpetual student of life and forever athlete.


What else do you do?

Herd our herd of twins all day ( we have two sets , 7 and 5), read anything I can get my hands on, talk and learn from as many kick ass people as I can find, find different ways to make the world my gym, take the kids on as many adventures as I can, spend time at the ocean as much as possible and lots of cooking, laughing and family time with those we love.


How do you define the word 'strength'?

I think strength is living from the truth of who you are in all aspects of the word, regardless of what the world thinks about it or who they tell you you should be. It's setting your own standards and gauges of success for everything in your life and doing your best to move towards those standards even in the face of obstacles or adversity.


How did you discover your passion?

I have always been an uplifter and teacher. It's who I am to the very core. I quit teaching to stay at home and raise our twins, and then realized I was a much better mom if I also had something separate to balance the intensity and neediness of those early years of motherhood.

So I started teaching and helping women, mostly mothers at that time, implement skills and practices in their daily routines that helped them feel better. From there I started studying and learning more about growth mindset, personal development, psychology and all the things I felt would compliment my knowledge in nutrition, movement and motherhood.

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I began speaking about my own struggles more publicly, and how I dealt with them, in an effort to support those who felt they didn't have a voice and people really responded positively so I continue to do so, and it feels good.

Most recently that was the process of losing my hair to alopecia, and everything that involved. :) I'm pretty much open to wherever this journey takes me as long as I can serve others, have some fun and stay true to what I value.


How do you incorporate movement into your daily lifestyle?

I do a range of movements that are both intentional and just a result of living in the country. For intentional movements to move me towards my personal goals I really enjoy Olympic lifting, working with kettlebells ( thank goodness we have an Iron Maiden in the family!), running, swimming and lots of body weight and crawling. We also live on 6 acres in the country so there isn't a day that passes that I'm not digging, moving something heavy, carrying kids or jumping on the trampoline with them. Movement and finding different ways to make it an adventure are part of our lives. We have a rope that we hung when our kids were 3 and 5 for me to climb from a tree in our front yard ( about 15 feet in the air) and they could climb to the top before I could! Now they look for things to climb on, crawl under, jump over and interact with in different ways everywhere we go. It's awesome. :)

Where would be a good starting point for someone who is looking to add more movements into their life like what you do?

I think the best place to start for anyone is always writing out the things they have done before that they really enjoyed and loved and then the things they’d like to be able to do or experience with their bodies in the future. The more specific they can be the better.

I think the best place to start for anyone is always writing out the things they have done before that they really enjoyed and loved and then the things they'd like to be able to do or experience with their bodies in the future. The more specific they can be the better.   Then choosing the movements and skills that will move them closer to their goals and incorporating them into their lives in a way that is consistent, doable, reasonable and most important enjoyable.

Sometimes that looks like scheduled workouts and other times it looks like impromptu hikes, running or playing with kids. Sometimes it's adding up sets of bodyweight exercises over the span of a week or looking for something to climb on or hang from at a park.

If they are looking to get into Olympic Weightlifting I would get in touch with Rob Earwicker ( who taught me everything I know) or consider taking a beginner course through USAW which is what I did as well.

For kettlebells I recommend my fabulous and fierce sister Analisa Naldi and Ric Garcia who have been immensely helpful on my own kb journey. Bodyweight exercises are available to anyone and that really is about starting where you are and scaling to make it more difficult when and as you progress.

Josh Hillis has a great progression in his book Fat Loss Happens on Monday's that I've used and enjoy. Or get out there and find your own resources based on what interests you and what sounds exciting and fun. :)

How do you define 'fitness'?

I think fitness is being able to do the things your daily life requires of you easily and with confidence while also having the ability and option to pursue harder and more specific physical goals. It's knowing you can pretty much do anything you want with your body, wherever you are or at least attempt it without the fear of injury.

Fitness = Knowing you can pretty much do anything you want with your body, wherever you are, or at least attempt it without the fear of injury.


Where do you see the future of the fitness?

I see it merging more with the idea of mental health and wellness and the focus becoming more on training the person as a whole.

Our body and minds are not separate entities and one cannot thrive if the other does not. I'd love to see the fitness industry embrace and incorporate a more positive and empowering mindset when teaching people to train or coach instead of falling back on the same old " get tougher" and shaming people in order to motivate them to change or reach their goals.

When we guide people to make changes in a positive yet human inspired way ( yes, mistakes and setbacks happen, and yes, you can still continue making choices that support your goals in the wake of that), they will be more likely to stick with it long term and feel good about themselves as they do it.


Does movement increase your self-confidence? If yes, how?

Oh my gosh yes.

It really reconnects me to my own personal power, both physically and mentally. Making progress towards a goal or doing something I've never done before with my body reinforces my belief in my ability to be strong, resilient and face and move through any challenge.

It reminds me my power always belongs to me and I always have control over how I use it to improve myself, learn and grow... Which is something I want my children to see me modeling so they will know what it looks like.

Movement truly makes me believe more in myself and that allows me to set higher goals, take bigger risks, and experience even more joy and appreciation.


What advice do you wish you could have given your former self?

Stop hiding who you are and be who you want to be, regardless of what everyone expects you to be or do.  Embrace not knowing all the answers and use every obstacle as an opportunity to decide what you really want, then go after it.

And remember everything, and I mean everything is always working out in your favor.

What motivates the crap out of you? (quote, music, people, sport, etc)

I am motivated most by the idea of leading through the clarity of your example. I love words and speaking and talking about things but the biggest impact I believe anyone has EVER is how they move through their daily lives and who they impact in a positive and powerful way as a result of that.

One of my favorite quotes is my Sheryl Sandberg and it goes " Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence. "

That is what I strive to do personally and professionally on a daily basis. To elevate those around me through encouragement, a shift in perspective, a new idea or action, then support them in believing the power to achieve those goals lies within them and is always available and accessible.

Anything else you'd like to share with us or a bunch of women out there?

Never be afraid to set and live your own standards of success, health, beauty, life and love. We spend so much time listening and conforming to the voices and ideas of others, we lose the one voice that can lead us to and through anything we face... our own.

Reconnect to it. Anchor yourself to it's strength and truth and make all decisions about your life from that place of knowing and trusting yourself. You're allowed to change your mind and raise your standards at any point in time, so don't hesitate to do so.

Last, the world is literally your gym. Go out and use it.

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