Woman Crush Wednesday-Meet Zofia

Meet Zofia Reych.  She hails from Poland, but traveling the world as a climbing anthropologist and a digital nomad making a living on writing, research and marketing.  She already sounds interesting right?!

Zof hops around Europe pulling hard, watching closely, and writing thoughtfully. Captivating and mysterious, she's equally at home discussing sociology of sport and feminist studies as she is cranking on granite crimps and limestone pockets.  

Check out her adventures on Instagram and Twitter and connect. You'll soon see her passion and zest popping through and also see why she is today's #wcw.  Oh, and make sure to check her blog out at www.upthatrock.com.

photo by  @kiellgram  | Bulgaria | June 2017

photo by @kiellgram | Bulgaria | June 2017


What do you do?

I try to boulder, which means climbing low rocks over protective pads.

What else do you do?

Bits and pieces of writing, online marketing and research.

How do you define the word 'strength'?

I guess it's the ability to face challenges with a smile.

How did you discover your passion/work/niche?

My mother took me scrambling since I was three and from then I somehow progressed to rock climbing. I have a deep love for the mountains but I now mostly climb very small rocks.

How do you incorporate movement into your daily lifestyle?

If all is going well, training for climbing can take me up to 30 hours a week but so far I managed to train like that only once in my life. It was last year before a trip to Switzerland and the progress was insane.

Most of the time I can't afford to spend this much time training but if you add it all together I probably move for about 20h a week anyway.

It's just that only half of it would be serious training and the rest just more mellow stuff like gentle yoga or jogging with my dog (who still can't understand how not to get the leash tangled between my ankles).

photo by  @dylanasena  | Rocklands | July 2017 | 'Tea Garden Arch' 7B

photo by @dylanasena | Rocklands | July 2017 | 'Tea Garden Arch' 7B


Where would be a good starting point for someone who is looking to add more movements into their life like what you do?

Build a strong foundation of overall body fitness before you proceed to pushing yourself.  

How do you define 'fitness'?

Maintaining all the agility that we are born with and not compromising it through an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle.

Fitness is: Maintaining all the agility that we are born with and not compromising it through an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle.

Where do you see the future of the fitness?

I think it will be seen as less of a fad and more of a healthy lifestyle staple. At least that's my hope.

Does movement increase your self-confidence? If yes, how?

Self-confidence isn't something I think of, so I can't really say. I know many people struggle with it and I'm sure that having a strong and agile body and a good relationship with your own body is something that can be helpful.

What motivates the crap out of you? 

The feeling of moving my body is usually enough.

I read somewhere in an academic article (that I now can't remember) that some people were genetically hardwired to conserve energy and some to actively seek out food. I'm not a massive believer in evolutionary determinism but maybe there's something to it.

I just love to move.

What advice do you wish you could have given your former self?

Be more decisive and less full of yourself.

Anything else you'd like to share with us or a bunch of women out there?

Enjoying a strong, healthy body and having the opportunity to push its limits is a privilege, so appreciate it and make sure you don't miss out on it.