Woman Crush Wednesday-Meet Analisa


Meet Analisa Naldi.

When this strong and positive woman walks into a room, it instantly gets brighter. Analisa is kind, fun, funny, loves the color pink, secretly (or not so secretly at all) wants to be a mermaid, and is an amazing coach always up for an adventure.  

Just recently we cheered for Analisa as she completed the Strongfirst Iron Maiden Challenge and trained hard for it.  

She is amazing at connecting with others and lifting others up.  Trust us. She truly is a 'proliferator of good ass vibes' (which makes for a perfect collaborator) and a perfect #wcw. 

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Okay, you've heard enough from us, let's let you get to know Analisa yourself! 


What do you do?

I am a strength and conditioning coach, cultivator of community, a forever student of movement and growth, and a proliferator of good ass vibes.

What else do you do?

Surf, Wakeboard, Paddleboard, Float, and Cook :) Anything that involves water, food, or surrounding myself with amazing people stokes my fire.

How do you define the word 'strength'?

Strength is taking action in a direction that brings both fear and excitement to your soul.


How did you discover your passion/work?

I was in rehab post tumor-removal in the facility that our college basketball team did our strength and conditioning training and the owner swung by to see me, asked if I was interested in expanding my love for community, getting stronger, and teaching into a summer job. I was stoked and honored. 

Ultimately it was the blend of a tumor, a kind man named Gary Riekes, and the opportunity to connect with people who wanted to move better that led me into my passion and career.  

Can you tell me more about your feelings on good ass vibes and how to other women can become proliferators too?

:) I grew up in a family environment with a message of surrounding yourself with the types of people you want to be like, the energy you exude is that which finds you, and everyday is an opportunity to BE better.  My parents swear that from the age of 2 I was a kiddo that was stoked on life, to the extent that at the age of 3, I took the liberty of walking in front of a crowd of people at my older sister’s kindergarten play and welcomed everybody, then proceeded to walk through the crowd and shake people’s hands. 

They laugh every time they tell the story and tell me that organic happiness and connection brings more happiness and that these good vibes can be passed along; all it takes is one person to believe.  

One of my core values as a person and a professional is for every encounter or experience that I have with a person leave a positive mark and with them feeling better than they did before; this is at the core of being a Proliferator of Good Ass Vibes. 

One of my core values as a person and a professional is for every encounter or experience that I have with a person leave a positive mark and with them feeling better than they did before; this is at the core of being a Proliferator of Good Ass Vibes.  A genuine care about BE-ing good, through consistent actions, words, and the energy that you exude to those around you.  The Golden Rule says it best I believe; do unto others as you’d have done unto you.  You’ve got this!  

How do you incorporate movement into your daily lifestyle?

I have my own strength practice first thing every morning, regardless of location or situation, which includes a pre/post movement meditation. I coach daily, teach resets regularly, and am fortunate to live in a place where walking to/from the places I need to run errands is up and down fabulous city hills :) (True San Francisco Treat!).

Honestly, growing up on a ranch, movement has always been an expected part of the day, from the most menial tasks to the challenging ones, that the intentional movement (my strength practice, yoga practice, surf/SUP/board activities) are more scheduled and the rest of my activity is automatic because it enables me to get to where I want to go, surround myself with like-minded active folks, and help teach, learn, and inspire those that might not embrace movement the way I have grown to know and love.

Where would be a good starting point for someone who is looking to add more movements into their life like what you do?

I believe that a healthy starting point for anybody is a brainstorm, followed by guided exploration. (see below) I would start with asking them what they're inspired by; what types of movements, activities, people are they drawn to?


Once they can brainstorm and identify (as clearly as possible) these things, then we can collectively search for common factors, threads, etc....are they strength based? Creative based? Dance? Exploratory? Etc......

Once they have identified and clarified a more specific list of activities that they are drawn to (either directly or based on factors above), then we usually start with one habit/movement, short regimen, or system (individual dependent) that we aim to implement for one week at a time.

We collectively set the intention (e.g. number of days, hours, minutes) and check in daily to accomplish. I am a huge fan, student, teacher, and advocate for the Original Strength System, Ground Force Method, and MovNat as options for those that aren't super sure of what they want to do, how to get there, or what movement even means :)


Can you tell people more about your mermaid loving adventures and how they might get started in a water sport?  

I believe everybody should know how to swim; not only because I feel that the water is restorative, brings life, and happiness, but also because it can save your life or the life of somebody you love.  So, let’s start there. 

If you don’t know how to swim, I encourage you to find an instructor you trust and learn.  And if you don’t know one, reach out and through our strong network of awesome people we will help you find one! Either way, get yourself into the water!  

Now that we’ve covered that  …. On to the fun stuff! If you’re comfortable in the water or find it calming and restorative, I’d recommend starting on a Stand Up Paddleboard because you can make it as challenging or chill as you like; flat water, rushing river water, or even ocean water…it is all amazing! And it can be physically demanding (conditions dependent) or not (again, those flat water restorative SUP adventures are beneficial for those looking to slow down from our fast lives); which is what makes time in the water so special.  

If you’re more of an adventure seeker, love the feel of the water on your skin, your face, and being IN it, then I would definitely suggest taking a surf lesson (or SUP surf if you’re familiar on a SUP) and getting into the waves. 

Few things that provide the type of feeling (in my opinion) as catching a wave and riding alongside the ocean, the sunshine, and being both humbled and invigorated by this huge body of water. 

If you’re intrigued as to WHY water has this beautiful power over us, one of my favorite reads is “Blue Mind” by Wallace J Nichols.  This provides excellent detailed insight as to how and why the water not only provides so many of us with restoration, happiness, and a feeling of connectedness, but he shares both stories and research in support of those concepts.

How do you define 'fitness'?

In my perspective, fitness is the alignment of the body and minds' ability to withstand, recover, or react positively to the demands of daily living as well as challenging conditions.

Where do you see the future of the fitness?

I see the future of fitness continuing to grow in importance, becoming a balance of in-person education complimented with technology (remote options in order for us to extend our reach further, adding autonomy and strengthening relationships through keeping in touch regardless of distance), and hopefully bringing back more activity for our youth as this is where the message of movement as an everyday element of living begins.

Does movement increase your self-confidence? If yes, how?

Movement fuels my self-confidence because it allows me to explore, test, suck at, and figure out how to grow. It brings my mind, body, and emotional strength onto the same team and requires them to work together in order to acquire skills, gain strength, improve movement patterns, or quite simply, feel better! :)

What motivates the crap out of you? (quote, music, people, sport, etc)

Anybody who sets their personal bar high, steps outside of their comfort zones and takes action in the direction of being better, learning, and becoming a positive force in their own life.

What advice do you wish you could have given your former self?

Fidati Del Processo

The same advice I give myself daily: Fidati Del Processo, which means 'Trust the Process' in Italian.

This trust will carry you through challenges and victories, conflict and resolution, questions and answers, and help you maintain a passionate level of humility that will enable you to remain a lifelong student, therefore becoming the greatest teacher you can be.

Anything else you'd like to share with us or a bunch of women out there?

One of my favorites from Eleiko: Set Your Bar High, Be Kind, and Do More of What Makes You Stronger! This is one of my favorites.