WCW - Meet Tanya Weber

I just got spending the last week with Tanya here in the US.  Tanya lives Essen, Germany and is not only a total badass woman (she's strong as hell), but also incredibly kind and very smart.  

She is working on building her business with her boyfriend in Germany, as well as soaking up tons of exceptional education and working on personal growth. Tanya has some lofty goals and seems to be crushing everything she comes into contact with... oh and seriously, watch this lady move and you will see how strong she is.  

Anyways, Tanya is on a mission to help strengthen and restore the people around her and build a powerful community, and you are going to love her. 

Do yourself a favor and get connected with Tanya!

IG: @Tanya.weber  -   Facebook




What do you do?

I am gym owner in Essen Germany and love to show people to heal themselves with Movement.


What else do you do?

I am a certified RKC II & PCC Instructor and an Original Strength Coach Level 1 (working on Level 2).

In my opinion these three elements combined to one is the best combination for a healthy training.

How do you define the word 'strength'?

Strength is a skill - mentally & physically . Everyone can learn it.

How did you discover your passion?

I played sports for years, but after meeting my partner Christian, I came to the RKC and Original Strength. Now I've got everything I need and I am happy.

How do you incorporate movement into your daily lifestyle?

I press reset every day - in the morning, before my own training and with my classes. Generally I train 4-5 times in a week using a variety of modalities including kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, battling ropes, and sleds.

Without daily movement I am totally unbalanced! So it's a firmly integrated part of my life.


What do you recommend for someone starting out?

Try to move at least 5 minutes every day.  Even something as simple as just moving for 5 minutes after getting up in the morning. Just do what feels good.

 How do you define 'fitness'?

For me "fitness" is the ability to master your own daily routine as good as possible.

Where do you see the future of fitness?

More focus on mobility, natural movements and PRESSING RESET

Does movement increase your self-confidence? If yes, how?

Yes! I feel a lot more confident in my own body when I do my training. My posture is more upright, I feel more attractive to my partner and everybody else.

What motivates the crap out of you? 

I LOVE my music during my training! When I am in a bad mood I play one of my favourite songs and start to train. That works for me!


What advice do you wish you could have given your former self?

Listen to your body!


Anything else you'd like to share with us?

Be patient and assume responsibility for you and your body - everyday. Everything comes with consistency.