"Sleeve tugs" happen. #truth

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.” Glenda the Good Witch

If you’re reading this then you are one powerful and badass woman.You are righteous. You are strong. You have your very own amazing gifts and talents to share with the world, to move the world, in ways that only you can. 

How do I know this? I know because you’ve found your way here to read this. You simply needed a reminder. We all do at times. 

And I promise you, somewhere inside you, you know the truth of your power. But I also know it can be easy to lose connection to it. 

There are so many distractions in this world. So many things tugging at sleeves angling to get attention. There are “sleeve tugs” saying things like, “Hey, over here, take care of this now!” or “Look at this! Learn this! Get this move down. Then people will take you seriously. Because right now, you don’t know enough.” And then there’s the “sleeve tug” that says, “Remember how you screwed up before. Face facts. You don’t have what it takes. You never will.” 

And the truth is “sleeve tugs” happen. 

And many “sleeve tugs” are often harmless distractions. But “tugs” that drag you in and mire you down in a shame/guilt space of the past or a fear/anxiety space of the future, well, those are “shit tugs”. And yes, a “shit tug” can turn into a “sleeve tug of pure fuckery” if it gets you questioning the truth of your awesomeness and gets you to give your power away.

Thankfully there are also “sleeve tugs” which are promptings, steering you in the direction of greater connection to your power. These “sleeve tugs” can re-center you in the present, if you let them. They can get you back on the path of joyfully expressing the awesome you were born to be. These “sleeve tugs” (aka “divine tugs”) nudge you to open your eyes and heart to see and receive all the miraculous wonders around you. 

And sometimes “divine tugs” whisper and sometimes they get all up in your face. But their mission is always the same. It’s to get you to pay attention to now. Their message runs along the lines of, “Hey, right here and right now is where the magic is. Embrace the alchemy.”

“What you give the power has the power.” -a very wise woman

So what “sleeve tugs” are getting your attention? It’s an important question to ask, yes? Because what/who gets your attention will also get your power.  So does what/who is getting your attention deserve your power? Because you are a righteous queen. It would make absolutely no sense if you gave your power away to someone or something that doesn’t honor you. 

And I get it, we all have crazy challenging life situations at times. Sometimes it seems like the ‘who’s’ and the ‘whats’ in our lives are bent on stealing our power and dragging us down. And some of those life challenges and challenging people just cant be avoided. Why? Because not everyone is operating by the better angels of their nature. Inequality exists. As a woman you know this. And if you’re a woman who doesn’t fit the accepted norm you really know it. 

There are a ton of “isms” out there; sexism, racism, abelism, ageism, sizism, heterosexism, anti-semitism, classism, and more. And don’t even get me started about how judgy and clueless people can be about mental health issues and addiction. And even if you kinda think “isms” and “judgy bullshit” don’t affect you, trust me, they do. All these “isms” and judgy bullshit can be oppressive. They can make it so damned hard to move through the world and leave a righteous queen feeling spent. So what to do… what to do?

Well, let me offer up some thoughts about ways to counter the “shit tugs” and “isms” bullshit as well as the ordinary challenges of everyday life. Maybe try one or any combo of the below when you start feeling stuff  (shit) weighing you down and sucking at your power. And this is in no way a comprehensive list:

  1. Breathe. Use your diaphragm. Breathe in slow and full like you’re blowing up two balloons, your lungs, from the bottom up. Then slowly exhale. When you inhale imagine you’re taking in everything that makes you happy, everything that makes you smile. When you exhale imagine you’re blowing out all the stress and bullshit. Blowing it far, far way so it drifts off into another galaxy to be recycled into something better.

  2. Move your body and ground yourself. It will free your Brain + Body = Mind from fuckery. The more mindfully (sensing + feeling from the inside out) you move the more emancipation from fuckery you’ll experience. And less fuckery means that “divine tugs” get a chance to get your attention.

  3. Sit... As in meditate. Make it a practice to give your Brain + Body = Mind some quiet and still time. Your Brain + Body = Mind will be forever grateful. And, a quiet mind allows “divine tugs” to whisper and be heard.

  4. Create => Write. Draw. Bake brownies. Cook a meal. Sculpt. Paint. Play music. Dance. You get the idea. Allow yourself to be immersed in the process of creating. 

  5. Journal. Allow the bullshit that’s weighing you down to land on the page and then leave it there. That way you’ll be able to pick it up and examine it later if you feel a need to do so. Or… you can just reread it again later and laugh at the bullshit nonsense.

  6. Make a gratitude list, in your head or on paper. Gratitude is powerful and magical alchemy.

  7. Stand like Wonder Woman, or some other posture that takes up space, for two minutes and recharge yourself with the Postural Feedback Effect. Because yes, posture matters.

  8. Disconnect from the “sleeve tug of pure fuckery”. Immerse yourself in something that grounds you and/or makes you smile. Then revisit the aforementioned “sleeve tug” and reframe it. Repeat until the fuckery holds no power over you. Because in reality, it never really did.

  9. Take the time to connect with others who may not *look like you or move through the world like you. Find an ally. Be an ally. Diversity matters and it makes for some kick ass learning and epiphanies. Open your heart to the lessons of strength and resilience from women of all different backgrounds.  *see paragraph of “isms” and judgey bullshit.

  10. Find a tribe. Women who get you. Women who support you in your quest to embrace the fullness of your awesome, the fullness of your power. Because in the words of poet, Marge Piercy, “Strong is what we make each other. Until we are all strong together a strong woman is a woman who is strongly afraid.” We all need to be lifted up at times and strong women lift each other up. Allow yourself to be both the lifter and liftee.

I’m confident that not much of what you’ve read above is news to you. 

As I shared in the opening paragraph, you probably just needed a reminder. But perhaps there are some newish spins on ideas that might serve you in staying more connected to your power. 

And just in case you need to hear it one more time, you are a righteous queen with the power of the Universe inside you. 

Allow yourself to dance with your power.

And just so you know, all the women here at the Women’s Movement Collaborative are here to support and collaborate with you however we can to assist you in moving more into your power.

At WMC we’re all about thinking outside and moving outside the boxes than often hem us in.  Because none of us were made to live inside a box. At WMC our hope for you in 2019, and beyond, is that you realize more of your power and in doing so, bless the world with more of your awesome.