WCW - Andrea Laughery

Meet Andrea! This woman is fully alive and living bravely! As a mom, adventure seeker, writer and photographer she knows and models the importance of staying committed to dreams and goals no matter what!

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IG: @laughclan

What do you do?

Raise rad little humans! I’m also a writer, a teacher, and own a small photography business.

What else do you do?

Mountaineering, trail running, indoor rock climbing, hiking, backpacking. Basically all the outdoor things!

Take your life and direct it in the ways which challenge you and give you strength.

How do you define the word 'strength'?

I think strength is actually growth. It’s knowing who you are so well, what kind of grit and tenancity you’ve got which gives you the ability to know your strength and abilities. When we do hard things, scary things, things we failed at, and then reflect and learn from them. We grow. We gain strength.

How did you discover your passion?

My dad raised me in the wilderness. I learned to climb when I was young and the passion never left me. My dad was my best friend, and when he died tragically in 2017, it was those same mountains and wild spaces which have brought healing to my broken heart. I write often about outdoor pursuits, trauma, healing and grief, motherhood, and how being a human being is a deep experience with so many shared threads which tie us together.

How do you incorporate movement into your daily lifestyle?

Movement is life! I place a huge emphasis on exercise and eating well, and I stay committed to the weightlifting and running not because beach season is around the corner, but because volcano climbing season is around the corner! Ha! I appreciate having a strong body that can be the vessel which carries me the places I ask it to to. I want my kids to have a healthy mom. I know first hand how fragile life is, and that makes me very grateful for a body I can move. I will never take my time or my health for granted. We only have so much time in this beautiful world.

Where would be a good starting point for someone who is looking to add more movements into their life like what you do?

Find your why! If you have a motivation or a goal which sings to you on a soul level, you’re much more likely to put in the work. While I’ve climbed other big PNW volcanoes, this summer I’ll be going for a summit attempt on Rainier. It’s the driving force behind my exercise efforts! I find it’s also helpful to find or ask friends to get moving with you! I love a long solo run, but I also love running with a good friend. I love CrossFit because the gym is a community full of people who encourage and support one another.

How do you define 'fitness'?

I think fitness is simply being able to move in a way that brings you joy and purpose. If hiking isn’t fun because I’m working so hard and exhausted, then maybe I need to increase my fitness level so I can enjoy the experience more.

Does movement increase your self-confidence? If yes, how?

Movement shows us what we are capable of, and with the experience comes the confidence.

What motivates the crap out of you? (quote, music, people, sport, etc)?

I’m motivated by people who are living passionately and authentically. My dad always used to tell me to live bravely; words I have tattooed on my arm. And maybe that looks different for everyone. I’m inspired by people who are fully ALIVE, making things happen, and squeezing the juice out of their lives. Life is too precious to waste time in negativity, self loathing, or talk of ‘some day’.

Picture by: @slpfitnessphotograhy or Scott Lloyd Photography.

Picture by: @slpfitnessphotograhy or Scott Lloyd Photography.

Where do you see the future of the fitness?

I sure hope we can continue working on changing the dialogue about fitness to encompass something more meaningful than doing it to look good in a bikini or hit a certain number on the scale or get visible abs. I hope the future of fitness includes moving our bodies because a moving body is healthy for the longevity of our life.

What advice do you wish you could have given your former self?

You are capable of so much more than you think you are.

Anything else you'd like to share with us?

You are worth everything! You are the only person responsible for YOU. Your happiness, your compassion, your joy. Take your life and direct it in the ways which challenge you and give you strength. Even as a busy mom of two young children, I’ve tried hard to not lose sight of who I am, the dreams and goals I want to reach for, and the woman I want them to look up to.