So you want to organize a WMC pop-up?

POP-UP WEEK May 17-27 2019

There are more than 157 million women in the US... and many many more across the globe and there are a lot of women that want to be a part of something.  They want to feel stronger. They want to try new things. They are searching for a supportive environment.  They crave connection with other women.  They are longing too be a part of something bigger that lets them really shine.... and YOU can help be a part of that.

Last year’s POP-UP WEEK had 10+ events all over the world that brought women together!

Our next WMC POP-UP WEEK is May 17-27, 2019 and we are looking for strong women to help lead pop ups all over the WORLD for women to join in on.  You'll select a date within that week that you'd like to be the organizer and give us a good idea of what you'd like to organize for the group.  Then we'll help you make it happen and help get the word out and get people to RSVP.  

So whatdya think?!  You ready?

Expectations & What to Expect

We’re asking you to select one date and time window to host a meet-up style or very low cost event to make it accessible to all women.

  • You may host multiple single-day events during Pop-Up Week if you want - submit them individually in the form below.

  • You are in charge of any fee collections as well as any waivers if necessary.

  • Your event, once approved, will be on the WMC website and we’ll help promote through all of our social channels.

  • Your event will need a Facebook Event page where people can invite friends and RSVP. We will gladly create a custom WMC Event Header for your event that you can use if you’d like.

  • Email addresses for all attendees need to be collected and passed to WMC so we can add them to our newsletter and network.

  • At the end of your event, we’d love you to capture a group picture! Any images you’ve taken at the event can them be emailed to WMC so we can share them and/or use them in future promotions of WMC events.

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