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We can't wait to hang with you.

We are going to have an awesome time! 

We've got room for about 40 women to come together to move, explore, and collaborate. We'll be touching on unconventional fitness, mental health, building strength from the inside out, breaking through barriers, the need for creativity and play, being a positive role model, and how to live life outside of the box.  We actually have a few spots left too, so please tell your friends to join you!

We'll make new friends, try new things, enjoy meals together, and have fun while doing so! Come as you are, do what you can, and wear whatever you are comfortable in! Oh, and yes, there WILL be coffee!

Check out our schedule.  More detail on presentations here!

Saturday, July 14

8:30am Check In and Hang out

9am Welcome, Intros, and Discovering Outcomes

10:30am MOVEMENT/LECTURE COMBO Shante Cofield - It All Starts With the Breath

11:45am MOVEMENT PRESENTATION: Dani Almeyda - Reset Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

12:45- 1:45- Lunch break

1:45- 2:00- Post lunch 10 minute movement break and play time

2:00-3:00- MOVEMENT PRESENTATION: MaryBeth Gangemi - Exploring Natural Movement and Unlocking your Playful Side

2:45- 3:45- ENGAGING LECTURE - Mandy Jankus - Daring to Be: An Exploration of Values & Vision {based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown}

3:45- 4:00pm - Break and Play

4:00-5:30pm - MOVEMENT PRESENTATION: Julie Angel - Breaking the Jump (Build a strong body and mind while conquering fears through Parkour)

5:30pm - Day 1 wrap up

6/7 PM Group Dinner (Family style dinner included fitting to several dietary needs)

NIGHT TIME Optional Group Social Hang Time

Sunday, July 15

8:00 AM Welcome Back

8:20am- Morning Movement and Talk on ‘The Art of Flow’ 

9:00am- 10:00am- MOVEMENT PRESENTATION: Tricia Arcaro - Conflict:  A Positive Endeavor through the introduction of Boxing

10:30am-11:30am - SPARKSTORM - Group collaboration

11:30am-ish - Light Lunch 

1:00pm- MOVEMENT PRESENTATION: Kirsty Grosart- Why Handstands Make Us Better at Everything (How to get better, or learn, movements)

2:30pm - MOVEMENT/LECTURE PRESENTATION: Caitlin Pontrella - Building and Fostering Intentional Communities

4pm - Closing and Wrap Up

More detail on presentations here!


We'll see you there!

Event Location

FUELhouse Gym

1320 N 35th St

Seattle, Washington

Saturday: 9am-8pm

Sunday: 8am-4pm