WMC Project - Seattle Ticket


WMC Project - Seattle Ticket


Get yourself hooked up with an ticket to the WMC Project in Seattle! 

Workshop Location: 

Fuelhouse in Seattle, Washington

Saturday, July 14 (9am-8pm)

Sunday, July 15 (8am-4pm)

Presenters include: Dani Almeyda, Julie Angel, Shante Cofield, MaryBeth Gangemi, Kirsty Grosart, Mandy Jankus and Caitlin Pontrella.

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Saturday, July 14th

9am Welcome and Intros

10:30am MOVEMENT PRESENTATION: Dani Almeyda - When All Else Fails, Press Reset

11:40am - LECTURE: Shante Cofield (Description TBA)

12:40- 1:30- Lunch break

1:30- 1:45- Post lunch 10 minute movement break and play time

1:45- 2:45- MOVEMENT PRESENTATION: MaryBeth Gangemi - Exploring Natural Movement and Unlocking your Playful Side

2:45- 3:30- LECTURE: Mandy Jankus (Description TBA)

3:30- 3:45pm - Break and Play

3:45-5:30pm - MOVEMENT PRESENTATION: Julie Angel - Breaking the Jump (Build a strong body and mind while conquering fears)

6/7 PM Group Dinner

NIGHT TIME Optional Group Social Opportunity

Sunday, July 15th

8:00 AM Welcome Back

8:20am- Morning Movement and Talk on ‘The Art of Flow’ 

9:30am- 11:00- Self Defense with Krav Maga Seattle 

11:30am Working Lunch with short GUEST presentation TBA

12:45pm- PLAYFUL PRESENTATION: Kirsty Grosart- Why Handstands Make Us Better at Everything (How to get better, or learn, movements)

2:30pm - Movement Combo and Group Collaboration with Caitlin Pontrella

4pm - Closing



Airport: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

HOTELS: Info coming soon