An Unconventional Fitness Collaborative for Women


Together, we can make incredible things happen.


The conventional fitness industry encourages women through narrow minded ways of moving and often gears towards weight loss and physical appearance, and doesn't focus nearly enough on just the idea that IT FEELS GOOD TO MOVE.  

Our mission at the Women's Movement Collaborative is to refocus women from just fitness and exercise to a culture of movement.  There are so many more ways to explore and build a strong body and life outside-the-box.

We know that collaboration and connecting is a crucial part of living well and we want to collaborate, connect and move with you.  So let's all learn together, from each other, and make all of us stronger, together.


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How'd this come together?

It's amazing how social media can connect people.  Our story begins with two women who were driven to connect with each other in person after connecting online and following each others movement styles on social media.  They quickly came to realize that they wanted to connect with and support other strong women, and knew they weren't the only ones that wanted this.

The Women's Movement Collaborative was formed and it's freaking awesome to bring women of all backgrounds of unconventional movement together for a paradigm shift of fitness, a deeper meaning of movement, and a strong as heck tribe of women ready to light the world up!