The Women's Movement Collaborative Project was created for women by women who specialize in different practices of movement and fitness that is taking the fitness industry by storm. Our upcoming event is comprised of some of these women who are here to show you how to deepen your connection to your body and improve your fitness for the real world.  

Here's the thing though, the Women's Movement Collaborative is so much more than just an event, and there are so many more women coming together and collaborating that just the presenters you see above.  Our intention is that there will be hundreds of faces behind the WMC... we want true collaboration... so come join us and be a part of the WMC community too! 


Our Project Team


Our first Women's Movement Collaborative event is Oct 30 - Sept 1 and we can't wait! Meet out team of women leading our first ever event!


Dani Almeyda

Dani is driven with a fierce passion, to make the world a better place through introducing people to movement and hope.  She believes that everyone was made to move and that movement is the ultimate prescription to health and happiness.  Her mission is to teach everyone how to press reset and get strong from the inside out. She is traveling the world teaching for Original Strength, owns a facility in NC, and currently lives in Fuquay-Varina, NC with her husband, son, daughter, and their dog.


MaryBeth Gangemi

MaryBeth was a play therapist with children with special needs and their families. Her mission is to encourage and support people of all ages and abilities toward quality movement, physical and emotional strength, and to engage in nature.  She is the mother to three, as well as a Certified kettlebell instructor, MovNat level 2 instructor, Original Strength coach, and owner and coach at Kairos Strong. Drawing on her background in play therapy, she aims to help others create and recognize opportunities for health and happiness through movement, strength, community, service, and engagement with nature.  

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Jamie Snow

Jamie is a near 10 year veteran in the Toronto Fitness scene and prides herself in helping her clients move better by finding the balance between strength and mobility. While not hanging out around the gym however, Jamie's passion lies in helping others find a different kind of balance and be their best self. By sharing her own personal experiences in mental health and the lessons she's learned along the way she hopes to help others do what she calls 'Struggle Strong.' 


Julie Angel

Julie creates work that inspires and celebrates those with stories to tell, always letting the participant's voice be heard.  Not only is she helping women share their voice with her company, See & Do, but she is bringing more attention to parkour and is a pioneer in the industry, and travels the world speaking on her new book, Breaking the Jump

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Kirsty Gosart

An experienced gymnastics coach with GMB a lifetime of experience as a gymnast herself, Kirsty left the world of competitions and big box gyms, for training out of her garage and found her happy place.  She loves helping people develop strength and flexibility at the same time as learning cool moves and tricks... plus she thinks this stuff makes you a flat out better person. 

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Sarah Scozzaro

Sarah is a certified Personal Trainer, Running Coach, Restorative Exercise Specialist and Original Strength Level 2 Coach. She’s had the opportunity to work with clients from all walks of life and abilities, including working with and consulting for an NFL team. Sarah loves the challenge of creating just the right program for each of her clients, thriving on helping each individual reach their goals. An avid ultrarunner, she has raced distances from half marathons to 100 milers.